Astor: An automated software repair framework
Matías Martínez

University of Valenciennes

Astor is a framework for repairing buggy Java program, which includes 6 publicly available repair approaches. Those repair approaches take as input a buggy Java program (having at least one failing test case that exposes the bug) and search for a patch that produces all test cases to pass. Astor provides twelve extension points that form the design space of program repair. Using those extension points, program repair researchers can create new repair approaches or extend those included in the framework by choosing existing components (among 33 ones) or implementing new ones. In this tutorial, we will first discuss the main techniques proposed on the field of automated software repair. Then, we will discuss how to execute repair approaches included in Astor framework, how to extend them, and how to implement new repair approaches reusing components provided by Astor.
Matías Martínez is an assistant professor at the University of Valenciennes (France). He received his diploma in computer science from UNICEN (Argentina) and his PhD from University of Lille (France). Prior to moving to academia, he worked as software developer and consultant at a multinational consulting company. His research interests are focused on software evolution, automated software repair, software testing and mobile applications. He is one of the founders and core developers of Astor, an automated program repair framework.