In 2018 we will celebrate the 10th anniversary of SSBSE. As part of this celebration, SBSE community voted the most influential paper, keynote and tutorial of the past editions. The elected works are being updated and will be presented in Montpellier.

Most voted paper

The Human Competitiveness of Search Based Software Engineering

SSBSE 2010

  • Daniel Pinto Coutinho
  • Fabrício Gomes de Freitas
  • Jerffeson Teixeira de Souza
  • Camila Loiola Maia.

Most voted keynote

How Can Metaheuristics Help Software Engineers?

SSBSE 2009

SpeakerProf. Enrique Alba (University of Malaga)Abstract

This talk is a revamped presentation based in the original one I had the honor to deliver back in 2009 in the first SSBSE in London. At this time, the many international forces dealing with optimization, search, and learning (OSL) met software engineering researchers looking for a quantified manner of modeling and solving problems in their domain. The contents, as in the original one, will develop on the bases of metaheuristics and other advanced algorithms (like bio-inspired ones, and event exact techniques) to highlight the many good potential ways in which they can help to create a well-grounded domain where the construction, assessment and exploitation of software is not just done by human experts, but also enhanced with intelligent automatic tools. In this talk, we will of course visit the many applications in software engineering faced with intelligent algorithms, as well as will offer a reasonably updated view of they two (algorithms and applications). The key understanding of this as a crossfertilization task between research fields could even offer a wider and more useful lesson for future research. I will include a historical perspective of the old times (before SBSE), the last 10 years on SBSE, and the many avenues for future research and development spinning around this exciting clash of stars. A new galaxy has been born out of the body of knowledge in OSL and SE, creating forever a new class of researchers able of unparalleled tools and scientific results for the benefit of software, that is, of modern societies.

Most voted tutorial

Search-based unit test generation with EvoSuite

SSBSE 2017

SpeakerGordon Fraser (University of Passau)Abstract

EvoSuite automatically generates test cases with assertions for classes written in Java code, using a search-based approach that evolves whole test suites towards satisfying a coverage criterion. For the produced test suites, EvoSuite suggests possible oracles by adding small and effective sets of assertions that concisely summarize the current behavior; these assertions allow the developer to detect deviations from expected behavior, and to capture the current behavior in order to protect against future defects breaking this behaviour. In this tutorial, we will discuss how to use of the EvoSuite search-based test generation infrastructure to apply search-based test generation, and how to build on EvoSuite to develop new techniques using, or extending, search-based testing.

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